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Luggage Tracker Buying Guide & FAQs

How We Chose Our Selection of Luggage Trackers

Brand – There are many brilliant tracking devices on the market but when it comes to choosing one that will ensure the safety of your luggage, we like to stick to trusted brands that have a good reputation for living up to quality standards. When making our selection we pay attention to popular brand names whilst also looking for hidden gems from manufacturers who are yet to gain traction.

Quality – All of the luggage trackers on our list have been selected due to their quality features. These features not only make them unique but also suggest that the finest attention to detail has been put into the engineering of the devices’ designs and technical abilities. When making our decision on which luggage tracking devices fall into our list of “the best”, we also like to ensure that the manufacturers offer quality customer service, both during and after sales.

Durability – The main purpose of your baggage tracker is to ensure that the whereabouts of your luggage is known at all times and if a tracker cannot withstand airplane journeys and demanding expeditions, then it simply doesn’t make the cut. All of the devices on our list tick the box for being sturdy and durable in even the most extreme situations.

Reviews – We always keep an ear to the ground when it comes to what others are saying about the products that stand out to us. We weigh the good with the band before arriving at a conclusion that’s fair and best describes the overall impression of an item. You can rest assured knowing that each and every suitcase tracker included in our list above has been chosen due to its popularity among consumers and its ability to live up to product expectations.

Price – We aim to please and in doing so we have gathered a diverse range of luggage trackers that not only meet unique requirements but also appeal to different budgets. Without skimping on quality, each and every luggage finder on our list provides value for money – if not more. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself – are your belongings are worth protecting?

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Features To Look For In Luggage Trackers

Technology – When choosing a tracking device, you want to make sure that it features the latest technology, especially if you need it to work smoothly with third party systems like Google Maps. The more modern the technology that the smart luggage tracker includes, the more likely you will find your belongings swiftly and effortlessly.

Tracking Range – Some devices are limited to a location range while other satellite dependent trackers can pinpoint your valuables across the globe. Of course, the latter is more convenient for those who travel often, but they tend to come at a heftier price. If you are looking for a baggage tracer without anticipating your luggage to travel very far from your reach, then a Bluetooth or GSM tracker should suffice and will remain easy on your pocket.

Size – In this case, size does matter! Some luggage trackers are as tiny as the nail of your thumb while others fit more snugly into the palm of your hand. You will need to determine which size will be more suitable for your requirements. Smaller devices are more discrete and are not easily spotted by thieves and vandals. Compact tracking devices can also be attached to smaller items like keys and wallets, making them more versatile in that regard. Slightly larger trackers, on the other hand, usually come equipped with added features that could come in handy.

Battery Type & Life – Your tracking device for luggage won’t be of much use if the battery it comes equipped with is unreliable or needs constant recharging. The longer the battery lifespan, the better. Some devices come featuring rechargeable batteries, which will save you a whole lot of money in the long run. Other devices might be more affordable at first, but could possibly come with irreplaceable batteries, which could potentially leave you in a bit of a pickle. Perhaps the question here is; will you be using the tracker for long-term or short-term purposes?

Versality – What are your tracking expectations? Do you expect to receive alerts when your luggage roams out of range, or would you simply like to pinpoint its location on a map in the slight chance that your bags do go missing? Will you be using your tracking device for more than just your luggage? By answering these questions, you will have a good indication of how versatile you need your baggage tracer to be. The best luggage tracker is one that meets your unique requirements and fits in with your lifestyle.

Features – Which features appeal to you? Some of the best luggage tracker devices are your standard ones that come without frills. They are easy to use and are designed to specifically get one job done – which is to track your items. If bells and whistles appeal to you, however, then you do get tracking devices that have added features that include components like data storage facilities, third party alerts, and sounding alarms which are sent to your mobile. As long as the device you choose offers a good battery life, reliable tracking capabilities, and can fit discretely into your bags, then you are good to go!

Tracking Plans – If you are looking for a reliable luggage GPS tracker that can trace your valuables no matter their location, then you will need to make sure that it syncs with a tracking plan that is just as authentic. Typically, a GPS or GSM tracker utilizes the same technology that cellular networks run on, which is called Global System for Mobile communications (GSM). To access this system and to receive the data that you require you will need to subscribe to a tracking plan, which usually comes at an additional cost. When purchasing a tracker, make sure you scrutinize the cost of the service plan that it comes with, as this will come at an additional charge over and above the cost of the device.

Budget – Ah budget, a key deciding factor in every purchasing decision we have to make. Like everything, our list of lost luggage trackers offers value for money – this means, you get what you pay for! When budgeting for your device, however, remember that some options require you to subscribe to tracking plans so that they can work effectively – these tracking plans often come with an additional monthly service fee.

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Types of Luggage Trackers

GPS Luggage Trackers

GPS services connect to a network of satellites positioned high above the earth, this is how they can monitor and track the location of a GPS tracking device. A luggage GPS tracker is capable of being insanely accurate, and can easily pinpoint the precise street address of your tracker and its accompanying contents. GPS tracking devices usually sync to a mobile app, this app collects all the data that you need to ascertain your luggage’s location and speed of movement.

Mobile/GSM Luggage Trackers

GSM is an acronym for the phrase Global System for Mobile communications and when luggage trackers use this mode to locate a GSM compatible device, they often have to be paired with a mobile or a smart device to work accurately. All GSM devices emit a signal when they are turned on. This signal is then received by transmission towers, which in turn can connect the device to your mobile. It is by this means that data is retrieved to track the device’s location.

Bluetooth Trackers

Bluetooth trackers connect to your mobiles or other smart devices via Bluetooth. Simply attach the Bluetooth tracking device to your luggage and as soon as your bags move out of range, you will be alerted via a notification sent to your phone. These trackers usually only work within a maximum range of 200 ft and are more suited to situations where you often misplace something nearby and need to find it again. Most Bluetooth trackers can be activated via your phone, which encourages the devices to sound a loud alarm so that it can be traced by sound too.

Luggage Tracker FAQs

Q: What Is A Luggage Tracker?

A: Losing luggage can quickly ruin a trip but if you have a luggage tracker snugly packed into your suitcase, you can quite possibly nip the disaster in the bud. With the help of a tracking device, you can potentially find your luggage when it gets lost by tracking it to its precise location. You can use data collected from the tracking device to drastically increase recovery time or even recover baggage that would’ve never been found otherwise.

Q: How Do Luggage Trackers Actually Work?

A: From GPS tags for luggage to GSM and Bluetooth tracking devices, each type works in its own unique way. GPS tracking offers the most accurate results and works with satellites to pinpoint the exact location of the device and its attachments or accompanying contents. GSM trackers, on the other hand, feature a SIM chip that is found within the device and is traced using mobile networks. Bluetooth trackers use, you guessed it, Bluetooth connections to send alerts to your mobile or raise an alarm when the device moves out of range. Bluetooth luggage trackers are not always as accurate as GPS and GSM devices, but they are a more affordable option.

Q: Who Should Use Luggage Tracker?

A: If you would like to avoid the scenario where a perfectly planned trip is ruined by the disappearance of your luggage, then a tracking device is definitely what you need! These nifty gadgets are ideal for jet setters who travel often or for people who are just a tad suspicious about the airport’s ability to remain reliable and compliant.

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Q: Will I Be Notified Of My Luggage Location?

A: It all depends on the tracking device and method you are using. Many GPS and GSM locaters do send notifications or alerts to your mobile when they roam out of range and this setting can usually be customized using the accompanying app. If this is a feature that you would like your tracking device and plan to include, make sure to purchase a locater that does, in fact, provide this service.

Q: Does Luggage Tracker Need To Be Specifically Positioned Inside The Luggage?

A: Once again, it all depends on the type of tracking device you have. Most GPS trackers work well when placed anywhere in your bag. Bluetooth trackers, on the other hand, might not work as effectively if they are placed in a bag and surrounded by other interfering objects – these devices work best when slotted onto the outside of a bag and tend to come with a keyring for this purpose.

Q: Are There Any Countries In Which Luggage Trackers Do Not Work?

A: Rules and regulations concerning the use of GPS and GSM tracking devices are constantly changing and to answer this question accurately, you would have to contact your local travel agency to find out if your destination (and all those in between) allow tracking devices to be placed in luggage. At the moment, GSM communications are not accepted by North Korea and Japan. Some airports also have strict rules with regard to devices that emit signals and might confiscate the item if they do discover it in your bag. It’s best to seek advice from the airports you are flying to and ask them for more assistance on this matter.

Q: Are There Any Types Of Luggage In Which The Device Will Not Function?

A: In short, the answer is yes. It all depends on the thickness and quality of your luggage. Devices tend to not communicate effectively at all when placed into “all metal” bags, for instance. A solution is to “test drive” a new device before a trip.

Q: I Am Travelling With Two Or More Suitcases; Do I Need To Buy More Than One Unit?

A: Yes. The device will only give data on the item it is attached too. Luggage can easily be separated and if you want to track each suitcase, then a device needs to be placed into each singular bag.


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